Experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device.

Ayse’s instructions are clear and easy to follow and I’ve really enjoyed being able to access yoga classes at home and whilst on holiday. The on demand service ensures that I keep up my yoga practice when I can’t make it to in person classes and is also a great addition to the classes I already attend.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Simone. E


Stretch & Strengthen Upper Body

Get ready to feel amazing with this new yoga video focused on stretching and strengthening the upper body. It's all about relieving stiffness, boosting flexibility, and building strength using simple yet effective poses. Let's practice together and give your upper...

Core Power Yoga

Through a series of targeted poses and mindful movements, we'll engage the abdominal muscles, improve stability, and build a strong foundation from within. Join us this strong practice to unlock your inner strength and create a balanced, resilient core.

Release & Restore

Join this 25 min yoga session focused on stretching and strengthening your lower back. In this gentle yet effective practice, I'll guide you through a series of poses designed to release tension and increase flexibility in your lower back muscles. Whether you're...



Unlimited Access to All Videos

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Various Lengths – Various Focuses



Unlimited to All Videos

FREE – First 5 Days

Cancel Anytime

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You can access the videos from wherever you are. You can practice with me from anywhere or any device.



Pay monthly fee as small as one yoga class in a studio and access all videos in the library. NEW flows every month as well. (over 100 videos)


You will find short or long classes whichever suits you more at that time such as 10min – 30 min – 1 hr and different focus in each session.


I used the on-demand channel during the summer when I was out and about in the UK and abroad.

It’s great because there are sessions of different lengths – with some 10 minute ones that are really handy if you’re busy but still want to practice. I even did a session with some friends whilst camping at a festival!

Estelle R.



I am Aysegul. I’ve been running my small group classes in Stockport, UK for years now. I love meeting new people, helping them to achieve their goals or simply give them a calm, peaceful experience in my classes.

As a character I always like challenging myself, learning more and getting equipped with new skills. So I will be keeping you fresh with new yoga flows every week, but you can also revisit your favourites ones all the time. That’s one of the best parts of the membership 🙂

Before practicing yoga and may be actually until becoming a teacher, I have never tried meditation or breath work. As I am quite active person, I always thought those ones were not for me. However, in a matter of time, I’ve learnt how wrong I was. Practicing gratitude, breath work and mindulfulness teach you so much more than breathing. Your whole life experience changes as you start to think differently, see the problems in your life from a different prespective.

For me personally, firstly to discover yoga and then to start practicing it couldn’t be more life changing. It became my life very quickly. I have found my passion and I love sharing it with you all.

yoga teacher