Yes!! Finished the whole 30 days of yoga!

“Be proud of yourself you’re doing great!”

Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi pranayama (victory breath) adds a slight constriction in the throat to a basic diaphragmatic breathing pattern, and thus engages and directs the flow of udana, the upward flowing pranic force. This prayanama breathing technique helps you to synchronise your movements, especially in dynamic vinyasa yoga class or simply to calm your nervous system when you feel anxious or stressed.


Congratulations on completing the 30-day yoga challenge!

I wanted to add an extra breathing exercise as a huge thank you for joining to this 30 day challenge! It’s been amazing and I actually can’t still believe that there were 436 of us doing this challenge!!

I hope you enjoyed it and may be you’ve got a few ideas for your home practice. 

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Best wishes to you all

Ayse X 


DAY 28

Activate Your Core

DAY 29

Hip Mobility

DAY 30

Mindful Movement