Yoga Classes in HEATON MOOR

Weekly Group Class Schedule 

In Person Classes Restarting from Monday 17th May

Monday at 7pm Beginners

Tuesday at 10am and 7pm Beginners 

Thursday at 10am Beginners 

Thursday at 7pm Vinyasa Flow

Saturday at 9.15am Vinyasa Flow



Small Groups (6 people)


60 minutes


Lots of individual attention

Booking Yoga Classes:


Beginner’s Yoga Classes: Suitable for people who want a slow pace, complete beginners or have some yoga experience but have had a long break.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Suitable for all levels (beginners with a good grounding in the basic poses). It will be more challenging than the beginners class so if you feel like trying something that moves at a little bit quicker pace, why not have a go?

1.  Choose a class above. 

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4. Press “Pay” button and fill your card details.

5. Don’t forget to put your postcode on the side.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation text and email.

If you have any problems or questions with the booking system you can have a look at this FAQ page or email for assistance.


Based on 29 reviews.
Georgie Barrett
Georgie Barrett
I would highly recommend Ayse's classes. As a newcomer to yoga I find her to be a very supportive teacher. I look forward to joining her class every week.
Claire Laverty
Claire Laverty
Really enjoyable class with very knowledgeable teacher thank you x
Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison
I love my yoga class and I look forward to it every week. Ayse is an amazing teacher and I feel that I'm making progress with my health and fitness goals; highly recommend her classes.
zofya Cz.
zofya Cz.
I absolutely love yoga classes with Aysegul. She is very professional and focused on everyone and on top of it Ayse brings a lot of positive energy that we all need these days so much! I suffer severe back pain and it feels like Aysegul knows exactly what I need to feel better so since I joined her classes my health improved and helped me fighting my injury! / Kashia
Denise Knowles
Denise Knowles
Aysegul Yoga was recommended to me by a good friend. On our first meeting Ayse was very welcoming and reassuring, as I was returning to yoga after a break of many years, and so the beginner's class is perfect for me. In teaching, Ayse always displays a calm and proficient manner. She explains carefully how to carry out postures, focusing on breathing, and the opening up of the body. When at times challenging for me , or others, Ayse is able to quietly encourage and, where necessary, demonstrate again how to alter one's position in order to improve the posture to the best of one's ability. After several weekly sessions I feel much stronger and more confident, and am inspired to carry on thanks to Ayse's great teaching. Denise Knowles
simone ellison
simone ellison
Ayse creates such a lovely atmosphere in her classes with her welcoming, warm and calm approach! The classes are always the perfect balance of relaxation and challenge. I started with the beginners class to learn the basics and then progressed onto the vinyasa class which I absolutely love! I’d highly reccomend Ayse’s classes to both beginners and those who already practice yoga...beacuase of the small numbers, she really adapts the classes to suit each groups ability level too, which is great and hard to get at larger classes!
Laura Donegani
Laura Donegani
I had a course of twice weekly sessions over 6 weeks with Aysegul earlier in the year and noticed so many improvements by the end. The classes are small enough so she can helpfully demonstrate posture adjustment for individuals and also suitable for a range of capabilities, I had only done a little bit of yoga before joining and she made it very relaxing and accessible for me. I would really recommend her classes and will be joining as much as I can when I am spending time in Stockport in the future! Thank you Aysegul 🙂
Marie Brown
Marie Brown
I have never been to a Yoga class before and as a woman in my 60s I felt apprehensive. This is a small group where you feel reassured and supported. You do whatever you can with the help and guidance from the excellent teacher. Highly recommended for all abilities.
frank brown
frank brown
New to Yoga and expected the worst but this small class is ideal for a beginner, attentive and patient teacher . Exercises are varied and no experience needed for one to feel a sense of achievement after such a short time. Highly recommended for beginners and others. 5 Stars.
Jennifer Tubby
Jennifer Tubby
Really enjoyable yoga classes. Highly recommended. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked! Brilliant for beginners and all levels.

Beginner’s Yoga

Every Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am

This yoga class is in Heaton Moor, Stockport is designed for beginners, but those with more experience will be guided with more challenging postures and more advanced adjustments.

It’s perfect for tired or sore muscles, ideal for absolute beginners, those used to practice yoga years ago but had a long break or also those seeking slow and mindful practice to balance out the bustle.

In this class the sequence taught will aim to build awareness of the body and the breath, forming a connection of the two whilst building balance, strength and flexibility in equal measure.

Regular yoga practice helps to improve fitness and mood, and connects your mind to the present creating an oasis of peace in this hectic world. 

Small Groups for More Personal Attention

There are only 6 places in each group.  You’ll get lots of individual help and there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

I highly recommend booking in advance to secure a place. 

Please bring your own mat during current situation.

And please make sure to arrive 5-10 mins earlier than than the session starts. If you arrive too late to be admitted to the session you will be charged full price.

What is a Vinyasa Flow? 

Every THURSDAY at 7pm and SATURDAY at 9.15am

The focal point of yoga practice is always the breath and it always matters. Vinyasa Flow is meant to sync the movement with the breath.

This class links every movement together; there is no stop and go. Gracefully linking each position to the next becomes a moving meditation and a graceful dance between effort and ease. Tying it all together with the breath creates all the magic.

At the same time you always have options within a Vinyasa practice to slow things down or speed things up, to rest or to simply take a modification or a deeper variation of different postures.

Resting postures like Child’s pose are always welcome and completely acceptable in a Vinyasa Flow class.

The class is open to ALL levels. (beginners with a good grounding in the basic poses). It will be more challenging than the beginners class so if you feel like trying something that moves at a quicker pace, why not have a go?

What is Ashtanga Primary?

The Ashtanga Primary Series is called Yoga Chikitsa, meaning yoga therapy, because of the cleansing and toning effect it has on both body and mind.  On a physical level the asanas (poses) of the Primary Series build strength and flexibility in the body, loosening tight muscles and realigning and detoxifying the body and nervous system. The series begins with forward bends, then twists and hip openers with a vinyasa between each asana.

On a mental level, through regular practice focus, willpower, mind-body awareness and confidence are improved as we overcome the mental obstacles to our practice. On a subtle level the Primary series works therapeutically to clear obstacles in the energy channels in the body (known as Nadis).

Students follow a same set sequence of postures each and every time, gradually progressing through the series. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga emphasises the linking of movement and breath.

This class is suitable all, but it is a physically demanding style of yoga.


Top floor at Heatons Physio Clinic

(Behind the MyDentist building)

162, Heaton Moor Road, SK4 4HS

Heaton Moor, Stockport

Contact Details:

07766 20 77 66  |

I’ve taken some steps in light of the current guidance:

  • There will be a maximum of 6 people in the class.
  • Please bring your own mat.
  • There won’t be any hands-on adjustments until everything goes back to normal.
  • Whilst in the clinic, please respect others’ personal space.
  • If you have any symptoms please stay home.
Due to the reduced capacity in the clinic, there will be a new 6 hour cancellation policy.  If you are unable to attend a session you have booked, please inform me at least 6 hours prior to the session start time. After that time, you will be charged the full class price. Previously, I never enforced this but with the capacity what it is I feel it is only right to be fair to everyone.

Private Lessons


Private yoga lessons are a wonderful way for beginners to learn the practice of yoga.

It’s also very beneficial for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners who’d like to work on specific skills in a one-on-one format.

Private lessons also work well for those who are healing from injury or illness and need to modify the practice to aid in recovery.

For the price details, please press the button below and make an enquiry.