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Monday at 8pm Beginners

Tuesday at 7pm Beginners 

Thursday at 10am Beginners 

Thursday at 7pm Vinyasa Flow

Saturday at 9.15am Vinyasa Flow



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Booking Yoga Classes:


Beginner’s Yoga Classes: Suitable for people who want a slow pace, complete beginners or have some yoga experience but have had a long break.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Suitable for all levels (beginners with a good grounding in the basic poses). It will be more challenging than the beginners class so if you feel like trying something that moves at a little bit quicker pace, why not have a go?

Ashtanga Primary Yoga Class: Students follow a same set sequence of postures each and every time, gradually progressing through the series. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga emphasises the linking of movement and breath. This class is suitable all, but it is a physically demanding style of yoga.

1.  Choose a class above.

2.  Press the “See Times” button

3.  Choose the time slot and fill in your information.

4. Press “Pay” button and fill your card details.

5. Don’t forget to put your postcode on the side.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation text and email (including the video link if it is an online class which you’ll need to click to start your yoga session when it is on.)

If you have any problems or questions with the booking system you can have a look at this FAQ page or email for assistance.

Based on 70 reviews
Stephanie Dawson
Stephanie Dawson
I had been wanting to start yoga for a while before finding Ayse’s class. Having never done yoga before I was keen to find a genuine beginners class and Ayse’s session is perfect. She leads from the front showing you all the positions and gently guides you on any tweaks and improvements you need to make. The venue is relaxed and the small group session is ideal. I went with no expectations and now 3 months later, I look forward to going every week. Highly recommend.
Sara Piranha
Sara Piranha
Ayse is a great instructor and the class is friendly. The smaller class size allows for personal attention and help with technique.
DMK Properties
DMK Properties
I simply love these classes. I have been attending twice a week since January & look forward to the classes each week. Jackie
Hayley Roberts
Hayley Roberts
Absolutely fabulous yoga sessions, cannot recommend enough. Small classes so lots of individual attention, whether you need a harder option or a slightly easier version. I always come out feeling so relaxed!
Rodney Lambert
Rodney Lambert
i came to yoga as a complete, 55 year old, beginner 3 months ago. Ayse is a fantastic teacher who runs small (max 8) classes which ensure individual attention. each session focuses on different areas. i have already progressed & am more flexible with better balance. although it is clear there is plenty of room for improvement! very friendly, welcoming classes for men & women of all ages & abilities. would definitely recommend to all.
David Wills
David Wills
As a regular gym goer and runner, I have often tried to get started in yoga ( knowing the benefits) but have always struggled to fully take to it. The classes with Ayse though have been totally different. The classes are very small and intimate with a lot of care, support, and guidance offered. The atmosphere is also very warm and relaxing and I leave the class feeling refreshed both mentally and physically. I've now been practising regular for 6 months and feeling the benefits. I no longer feel the need for regular massage to ease aching muscles as my body just feels better balanced. My strength has also increased a huge amount.
Natasha Prince
Natasha Prince
Great classes. Small class sizes so easy to see and hear Ayse. She will make adjustments to make sure you’re hitting the pose correctly. The beginners class is a good level for me as it is just about manageable but definitely still challenging. I would recommend!
daisy collins
daisy collins
A great yoga practice, in a small space with lots of attention from Aysegul. Who’s a great instructor.
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor
I really enjoy Ayse's yoga sessions. I was nervous about trying yoga but from my first class, I felt welcome and able to follow along. Ayse explains the yoga poses very clearly and offers individual support to help you do them correctly. I always feel great and very calm after the classes, thanks Ayse!
Kiera D'Costa
Kiera D'Costa
Ayse is really welcoming, the classes are small and well-structured. She offers alternative poses to suit your ability. I'd taken a long break from yoga and this class has helped me to ease back into it. I always leave with a sense of achievement which sets me up for the day!

Beginner’s Yoga

Every Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7pm

Every Thursdays at 10am

This yoga class is designed for beginners, but those with more experience will be guided with more challenging postures and more advanced adjustments.

It’s perfect for tired or sore muscles, ideal for beginners, seniors or those seeking slow and mindful practice to balance out the bustle. It is also great for the ones who had a long break practicing.

In this class the sequence taught will aim to build awareness of the body and the breath, forming a connection of the two whilst building balance, strength and flexibility in equal measure.

Regular yoga practice helps to improve fitness and mood, and connects your mind to the present creating an oasis of peace in this hectic world. 

Small Groups for More Personal Attention

I try to keep groups small so that I can keep eye on you even though it is via a screen.  You’ll get individual help and there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions in the beginning or at the end of the sessions.

I highly recommend booking in advance to secure a place.

You only need your mat. If you have blocks or a belt could be useful time to time but not necessary.

And please make sure to arrive 5-10 mins earlier than than the session starts.

What is a Vinyasa Flow? 

Every THURSDAY at 7pm and SATURDAY at 9.15am

The focal point of yoga practice is always the breath and it always matters. Vinyasa Flow is meant to sync the movement with the breath.

This class links every movement together; there is no stop and go. Gracefully linking each position to the next becomes a moving meditation and a graceful dance between effort and ease. Tying it all together with the breath creates all the magic.

At the same time you always have options within a Vinyasa practice to slow things down or speed things up, to rest or to simply take a modification or a deeper variation of different postures.

Resting postures like Child’s pose are always welcome and completely acceptable in a Vinyasa Flow class.

The class is open to ALL levels. (beginners with a good grounding in the basic poses). It will be more challenging than the beginners class so if you feel like trying something that moves at a quicker pace, why not have a go?

Private Lessons


Private yoga lessons are a wonderful way for beginners to learn the practice of yoga.

It’s also very beneficial for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners who’d like to work on specific skills in a one-on-one format.

Private lessons also work well for those who are healing from injury or illness and need to modify the practice to aid in recovery.

For the price details, please press the button below and make an enquiry.