Private Yoga – One to One Yoga Sessions


I offer private yoga sessions for anyone who would like a more tailored practice focused on personal needs and goals.

Privates sessions would be really beneficial for:
  • absolute beginners to learn the practice of yoga.
  • intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners who’d like to work on specific skills in a one-on-one format.
  • those who are healing from injury or illness and need to modify the practice to aid in recovery.
  • people who find groups or public classes difficult and want to practice yoga in a safe and comforting environment.

Sessions are offered online and in-person, either in the comfort of your home or at the Heatons Physio Clinic, in Heaton Moor. I work with individuals, couples, families and small friend groups.

The first private session lasts 75-90 minutes as we start by talking about your goals, your experience, any personal needs and what you’d like to achieve.  The rest of the time would be spent doing yoga.  The first session costs £50.

After the initial introduction, if you wish to continue working together,  I recommend committing to a minimum of 6 sessions so that we have sufficient time to make progress towards your goals and you are able to feel positive results.

I offer a package of 6×60 minute sessions for £250 paid in advance. (Valid for one person)

I also provide private sessions for small groups (2-4 people, £330 for 6 sessions).  The total price of a private group session would be divided between the group members.




On 12th April, gyms are allowed to reopen again and that allows us to do private sessions face-to-face with 1 or 2 people. I have  1 slot available for private classes and I’d like to offer you a special discount until the end of April.

Normally private sessions for 1-to-1 cost £250 and 2-to-1 cost £165 per person for 6 sessions paid in advance.

With a special %20 discount it’d be :

  • £200 one to one session for 6 weeks
  • £132 two to one session per person for 6 weeks

If you are interested in any type of private sessions, please get in touch with me either by phone on 07766207752 or email.